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​​Julio Genao, LMT, is an integrated manual therapist who combines several assessment and treatment techniques to help you achieve your movement goals. During the course of treatment, he will generally start with a movement assessment to identify the cause and root of the problem. The cause of the dysfunction is often not at the site of the pain and takes some time to correctly identify. Once the cause has been identified, he uses a blend of neuromuscular techniques to correct the problem and then finishes with soft tissue release of the involved tissues.  The complete triad of Triad Integrated Massage Therapy:  muscle activation - soft tissue release - corrective exercise.

           PAIN RELIEF


Pain can ruin your day, your game, and even your life.  We will assess the cause of your pain through muscle testing to identify the dysfunctional muscle relationships that need to be corrected.  The correction is performed with a specific sequencing that allows your brain to reprogram with immediate improvement. Based on this analysis, you will be given specific homework to continue to reinforce the healthy muscle relationships which have been re-established.


Deep tissue massage after an intense work out can decrease muscle stiffness by the mechanical pressure being applied to the soft tissue.  This can result in improved flexibility, range of motion and blood flow to the the tissue.  However, sports massage can also promote muscle growth, decrease inflammation, increase the number of mitochodria within the muscle cells.



Injuries often develop through use of dysfunctional patterns of movement.  We can identify and correct these dysfunctional patterns BEFORE the injury occurs.  This is particularly helpful for athletes participating in sports with known high risk injuries, such as girls and women and ACL tears.


In addition, we can treat you before an important event to optimize your muscle function and performance.



Injuries often cause secondary effects which prolong recovery.  We can help you recover more quickly by evaluating and correcting these contributing issues.  We can treat you immediately following a competitive event for an overall deep tissue flush to rid your body of lactic acid or minimize the global effects of an acute soft tissue injury.  We can also work on a decades old scar that is affecting your mechanoreceptors and causing dysfunction. Even concussion recovery can be improved with therapy.  While we cannot help the itself brain recover from the impact, we can help recover the muscles of the eyes, head and neck which can be significant contributors to delayed recovery.



Sometimes it is the commonplace activities we perform every day, such as how we hold ourselves and move, that set up our patterns of dysfunction.  We can analyze you in movement, as well as evaluate the ergonomics of your work, to move in a healthier way.

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