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Julio works with clients who self refer as well as receiving difficult case referrals from colleagues.

"After just a few sessions with Julio the difference in my neck and upper back pain and stiffness is remarkable. As someone who has had a multi level cervical fusion I never expected to get any additional ROM in my neck. I am more than pleased with the results so far and look forward to our weekly sessions, I can't thank him enough!"


"As a physician, I was devastated by an acute on chronic injury that abruptly forced me to stop working.  Traditional medical care did not improve my pain, and there was no guarantee that surgery would provide an acceptable solution.  A physical therapist recommended Julio Genao, LMT given his reputation and credentials as a Level 3 certified Neurokinetic Therapist.  I had never heard of Neurokinetic Therapy but was willing to try almost anything.


Julio first distinguished himself in the area of customer service.  On the first day we spoke, he recognized that I was in too much pain to travel and he came to me.  Throughout treatment, he has been exceedingly accommodating with his schedule.


Secondly, he made me feel much better after just a couple visits.  He put me through a series of muscle tests in order to identify my dysfunctional muscle use patterns.  Surprisingly to me (but not to him), the source of these unhealthy patterns was not at my site of pain.  Once he identified these dysfunctional patterns, he fixed them using a combination of soft tissue release and reset of proprioceptors.  It is amazing what a different that makes!


Not only am I back to work, but I am able to hike and be physically active.  Julio clearly loves his work and has developed his own algorithm to evaluate and treat patients.  I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been referred to him and have since referred friends and family to him with similar excellent results."


"Had a sports massage therapy session with Julio, and honestly there's nothing bad to say this about him,the guy knows his s***. From the moment I walked into the room the guy broke down my back and shoulder problem to a knot, within one hour of getting out of there I was completely healed. Can't wait to start lifting again after staying away from weights for about 2 months cause of a nagging back and shoulder discomfort. Thanks Julio will def spread the word about you!!!!"


"5 star - Instant results awesome services. Thanks Julio"


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