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GREAT find today. Worked on a 16 year old female lax player who complained of severe cramps in her calves with a pain scale of 8. Checked the muscles that move the ankle every which way and all is good. Checked the toes, and there was the problem - the big toe was not participating with the rest of the kids. Seems easy, find the spot that’s causing the dysfunction in the back of the lower leg, and problem solved. This is where the fun begins. Turns out that the pain in the back of the lower leg was not the cause but the messenger to the bigger problem. The toe flexors are the beginning of what Tom Meyers calls the Deep Front Line (DFL). To keep it simple in this case, it runs from the muscles that flex the big and smaller toes, to the muscles that move your inner thighs and up thru the pelvic floor and so on. Checked the inner thigh muscles, some weakness as well. I asked if she had any urinary incontinence and she says it does hurt when she pees. Now folks this a common problem with women: pelvic floor dysfunction. (And yes there is a way to access the muscle without physically touching the area). Again without giving up the secret sauce, turns out our lax athlete was having problems flexing her big toe because the muscles in the pelvic floor were inhibiting the big toe muscle, and some inner thigh muscles as well. Ask any lax player, or any athlete “ya think you need your big toe”. Bottom line released the pelvic floor, inner thigh muscles back online, she can flex her big toe, more importantly pain in the back of the lower leg down to a 2. Got off the table did some light running and cutting just to check out the new big toe, The best part is watching the parents…. “SAY WHAT…BUT HOW …BUT, BUT”..priceless:^)

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