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Neurokinetic Therapy and Batting Practice

Interesting day today. Was asked to come to a local team's batting practice because of work I did with two boys on the team that helped with their batting tremendously. First, I get a lot of questions of what technique it is that I use. Its called NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT), which was created by my mentor David Weinstock out of California. Basically, without too many details, the brain, cerebellum in particular, has a motor control center which stores patterns on how you move. What ever pattern you create, that's what gets stored - good or bad. The beauty of NKT, without giving up too much of the secret sauce, is that it fixes the dysfunctional patterns that create the aches and pains in the body by reprogramming and resetting the MCC (motor control center) and the muscles involved in the dysfunctional pattern. Now because it's batting practice, and time constraints, this would be ideal to assess rotation patterns that are involved in swinging. When assessing rotation, I'm looking at cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine each individually to make sure they are working properly. Then I look at them in combination to see if there are any dysfunctional patterns. So, of course, you get dysfunctional patterns such as thoracic rotation working properly then you throw the cervical rotation and it throws the whole pattern for a loop. Then, you have to find the muscles that are involved in that pattern that are causing the dysfunction, reset, and correct the muscles and pattern. You do the same with lumbar rotation. Here's the fun part: once everything is working properly, I throw the eyes into the mix. "What do you mean?" Well, now everything is working properly if you are dominant looking to the right. If you're a right handed batter, you now have to look left so your eyes can cause your rotation when batting to be dysfunctional and weak when you need it to be strong and on point when that ball is coming right down the middle. It's a lot of fun watching the looks on the kids faces when they're like 'whaaaat?' More importantly, batting practice went extremely well...big improvements all around.

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